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How to write a motivation letter for a scholarship application 2022

It has been observed that the majority of candidates who apply for a scholarship don’t even know the correct way of applying and they think that submitting an application for the scholarship is the only letter they will need to get them through the selection process. It is important to note that this is not what happens in most cases.

There are a number of educational institutes that are well-known and reputed and they receive thousands of scholarship applications every year it becomes impossible to select a small number of students for scholarship awards as a result of selecting all of them.

Having this in mind, they require a certain set of documentation as part of the scholarship application process; one of the most important of these being the Letter of Motivation.

Motivation Letter for Scholarship Application:

In the motivation letter, the applicant introduces himself to the scholarship panel and explains what the applicant will gain if the scholarship is granted to him. A well-written summary motivates the reviewing authorities to believe in the ways in which the applicant will be able to brighten the name of their institute.

Along with a scholarship application, candidates must also submit a motivation letter, in which they explain why they deserve the scholarship. Using logical reasoning, it persuades the panel to consider this proposal in a professional manner, and it describes the future goals and plans of the candidate.

The Motivation Letter is addressed to whom and for what purpose

It is generally the scholarship applicants who write the letter of motivation, which is sent to the admission or scholarship reviewer committee, as a part of the scholarship application process. In order to be considered for scholarships, candidates interested in post-graduate programs are required to submit motivation letters along with their scholarship applications. However, nowadays since the competition is getting thicker in the educational field, most of the universities offering undergraduate scholarships have made the motivational letter a mandatory requirement in order to qualify for the scholarship. Motivation letters are very fair, as the future intentions and planning of the candidates are taken into consideration during the process of granting a scholarship, in order to make sure that only the deserving candidate receives a scholarship.

Format of the Letter of Motivation:

In order to write a motivation letter, there are two basic ways in which you can do it;

  • A general format for a motivation letter
  • Format for Scholarship Motivation Letters

#1 A general format for a motivation letter:

Generally speaking, a motivation letter consists of three parts, much like an essay; it has an introductory paragraph, another paragraph that states the purpose of the motivation letter, and a final paragraph that wraps up the whole letter with a summary and conclusion. As you can see, this is a classical way to write a letter, but the second method is usually more recommended because in this style, the letter flows without a break in between paragraphs. In a monotonous way, it makes the reviewer’s job much more difficult and leaves him or her feeling bored.

#2 Format for Scholarship Motivation Letters:

According to the second format, there should be at least five and at most seven paragraphs in your paper. It is considered that this format is to be more fruitful since, in this format, each point is specifically referred to in each paragraph. It is composed of one paragraph for the introduction, five paragraphs for the body, and in each of these paragraphs the applicant explains how they will achieve their new goal, and the last paragraph calls for a conclusion.

Outline of Motivation Letter

  • Header section with personal information and contact details
  • Letter of Motivation Title
  • Paragraphs introducing the topic
  • How you achieved your goals
  • Provide information about the skillsets acquired
  • If you are interested in a scholarship, admission, or another opportunity, you should write a paragraph expressing your interest
  • Outline the relevant objectives in a summary
  • Outline a plan of action
  • Why do you think you would make a good candidate?
  • Write a conclusion for your motivation letter

A motivation letter with an impressive layout should look like this:

Motivation letters are not the kind of letters you would write to your family members or friends on a regular basis. In spite of this, when it comes to our day and age, letters are becoming a thing of the past, as they have become almost extinct in the modern world. When it comes to writing a motivation letter, the choice of words, grammar, and writing style are all important. As an official letter, it plays an important role in the approval of your scholarship. In order to ace your motivation letter, you should follow these instructions.

What is the ideal number of words for a motivation letter?

It is generally accepted that there is no limit on the number of words that can be contained in the motivation letter. The ideal length of a motivation letter is considered to be 500-1000 words. However, a word range between 500-1000 words is recommended as an ideal word range. It depends on you as well as how long or how short you keep it, whether you keep it long or short. An ideal motivation letter, however, should not be too long or too short. It serves primarily as a means of delivering the argument and the idea that you are trying to convey. Another thing to keep in mind is that it is very important not to neglect the small details as you never know when a drop will turn into a river. Ideally, a motivation letter should include details of your educational accomplishments, your resume, and your skills, as well as your goals for the future.

Demonstrate your commitment to your field:

As part of the motivation letter, you should tell the reviewer how your academics are tied to your future plans and how they will all be impacted by the scholarship. You should be able to portray in your essay that you are passionate about this particular field in which you are applying for the scholarship. Motivation letters are meant to show that you have a clear vision and a passion for one specific field of study and that you know what you are doing in that field. Your motivation letter will have a greater chance of being taken seriously if this factor is present.

A motivation letter introduction should include the following:

Firstly, you will need to write your contact number at the top of the page before you start writing your introduction paragraph. Following this, you will start writing about yourself in the introduction section, in which you will describe your school, high school, and any other educational institutions that you have attended in the past. The reviewer needs to know what type of program you are applying for, in addition to the information you submitted. When applying for a scholarship, don’t forget to explain why you are doing so.

The body paragraph of a motivation letter should include the following:

In terms of the length of this motivation letter, the second part is the longest out of all three parts since it focuses on the major content of this letter. It is important for you to include accomplishments of any kind, be it in a different field than the one you are applying for, skills, talents, as well as work experience, either paid or unpaid, in this paragraph. I would appreciate it if you would mention any volunteer experiences that you have had in your school or anywhere else that is related to education.

The next paragraph should mention how passionate you are about your field and how you see it as a need in your life to become an expert in that field. Give the impression that you are a career-oriented individual who wishes to become a leader and make a difference in the world. In addition, the reviewer will be able to see how this could help brighten the institute’s reputation.

A motivation letter’s conclusion paragraph should include the following:

I would like to conclude the essay by summarizing the above paragraphs in the conclusion paragraph. As part of the conclusion, let me remind you to reiterate all the power points you mentioned in the body paragraphs and your long-term future plans. It is important to emphasize the fact that you are a perfect candidate, and that you are deserving of the scholarship. It is important that you say thank you at the end of your letter and show your gratitude.

Best Motivational letter sample:

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