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Maastricht University Scholarship 2023 in Holland

There are now a number of full-fledged Maastricht University Scholarship 2023 available for students from all over the world to study in the Netherlands, except for those from regions within the EU/EEA. Maastricht University Scholarships for International Students in Holland 2023 is an article that contains all of the necessary details about the scholarship.

In a partnership between Dutch universities and Dutch universities of applied sciences, the scholarship program was created as a result of cooperation between the two universities. It is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. An application for the scholarship should be made to the Maastricht University Scholarship Committee if you are a high-achieving student planning on pursue a Masters degree at Maastricht University. See Mcmaster University Scholarships 2023 for International Students.

To be eligible for a complete scholarship, applicants must apply for a full-time program at Maastricht University. Around 24 scholarships are offered each year for students who wish to study full-time at Maastricht University. Applicants with excellent academic records can apply for a High Potential Scholarship, while those in need of financial assistance can apply for a Holland Scholarship.

Applying for this scholarship requires following the guidelines. However, it is expected that less than 5% of applicants from outside EU/EEA countries will receive this scholarship due to its very competitive nature. Let’s discover what Maastricht University has to offer.

About Maastricht University in the Netherlands

The Maastricht University in the Netherlands is renowned for its high level of research and its innovative approach to problem-based learning. After the University became a public research institution, there has been an increase in the number of international students graduating from UM’s various departments.

Founded in 1976, the University is now 46 years old. It is a leader in providing Bachelor’s Degrees, Master’s Degrees, and Doctorate Degree Programmes in a wide variety of fields to students studying at the University. read about, IU Scholarships in Germany 2023-24.

Scholarships Details

Host Country: Netherlands
Host University: Maastricht University / Netherlands Government
Coverage: Fully Funded
Study Program: Masters

Eligibility Requirements for Maastricht University Scholarship 2023 in Holland

As part of the Radboud University Scholarship for international students application in 2023, applicants will be required to meet the following criteria;

  • Applicants must be international students outside the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) who do not hold a passport from an EU/EEA country.
  • It is necessary for applicants to have completed their Bachelor’s degree outside the Netherlands
  • Applicants must be able to provide proof of English language proficiency to obtain a Master’s degree in the program of their choice. In addition, they must meet the requirements of the department for the specific degree program.
  • Candidates must have received an unconditional letter of admission or meet the admission requirements for their program at UM.
  • There are only a limited number of scholarships available to applicants seeking a full-time Master’s degree program at Maastricht University.
  • Candidates must not have studied in a degree-seeking program in the Netherlands, however, students who have studied in a country exchange program are welcome.
  • There is a limit of 35 years of age as of 1st September 2023 for applicants to apply.
  • The applicant must not be a dual citizen of any country
  • In terms of transcripts and certificates of academic excellence, applicants who are among the top 5% of scholarship program applicants in 2023-2024 will be given preference.

Offered Courses

Maastricht University Scholarship international students can choose from the following study programs;

Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences

  •  MA Arts and Culture: Arts and Heritage: Policy, Management, and Education
  •  MA Arts and Culture: Contemporary Literature and Arts: Cultural Interventions and Social Justice
  • MA Arts and Culture: Modern Political Culture: Ideas and Discourses in Context
  • MA European Studies on Society, Science, and Technology
  • MA European Studies: European Public Policy, Institutions, and Governance
  • MA European Studies: International Relations
  • MA European Studies: Global Policy and Governance Challenges
  • Research Master Cultures of Arts, Science and Technology
  • Research Master European Studies

Faculty of Law

  • LLM European Law School: spec. European Law & Market Integration
  • LLM European Law School: spec. European Public Law & Governance
  • LLM European Law School: spec. General program
  • LLM Forensics, Criminology, and Law
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. Corporate and Commercial Law
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. General program
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. Human Rights
  • LLM Globalisation and Law: spec. International Trade and Investment Law
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. International and European Tax Law
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. Customs and International Supply Chain
  • LLM International and European Tax Law: spec. Tax and Technology
  • LLM Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management
  • MSc Advanced Master in Intellectual Property Law and Knowledge Management

Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences

  • MSc Biomedical Sciences
  • MSc Epidemiology
  • MSc Global Health
  • MSc Governance and Leadership in European Public Health
  • MSc Health Education and Promotion
  • MSc Healthcare Policy, Innovation, and Management
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Health and Rehabilitation
  • MSc Human Movement Sciences: spec. Sports and Nutrition
  • MSc Work, Health, and Career
  • Health Food Innovation Management

Faculty of Science and Engineering

  • MSc Systems Biology
  • MSc Imaging and engineering

Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience

  • MSc Forensic Psychology
  • MSc Psychology: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Research Master Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience: spec. Cognitive Neuroscience

School of Business and Economics

  • MSc. Learning and Development in Organizations
  • MSc. Economics and Strategy in Emerging Markets
  • MSc. Digital Business and Economics
  • MSc. Public Policy and Human Development

Scholarship Duration

Scholarships at Maastricht University for the 2023-2024 academic year are granted for 13 months and for a two-year program for 25 months. Upon completion of the scholarship duration by successful students, the program duration is not extended.

Financial Coverage

It is my pleasure to inform you that Maastricht University offers fully funded scholarships for international students on the following terms:

  • Fees for the full course of study
  • The living expenses will be covered by € 12,350 (for 13 months) or € 23,750 (for 25 months).
  • Costs associated with pre-academic training will be covered by the university
  • Costs associated with visa applications
  • Insurance coverage for healthcare

Required Documents

  • CV or Resume
  • A letter of motivation 
  • Financial Needs Statement
  • A copy of your previous certificate of academic excellence (Bachelor’s Degree) will suffice
  • An explanation of the referee’s contact information (detailed information about the referee)
  • A letter of recommendation from a reputable institution or organization is required

How to Apply

  • Please follow the following guidelines if you are interested in applying for a Maastricht University Scholarship for International Students in Holland 2023;
  • You can apply for any one of the Master’s Programmes of the University on the first look list
  • Register for a Sideline Account through which you can apply for Master’s Programmes at UM in the Netherlands (open in November 2012)
  • You will need to login with the UM Account you created above to complete the Scholarship Application Form HERE
  • Submit your application with all supporting documents.

NOTE: The UM International Services Desk will not cover any handling fees that are incurred as part of your study program’s admissions procedure.

Application Deadline

The deadline for applying for Maastricht University Scholarships 2023 for countries outside the EU/EEA is the 1st of February 2023.

Official Website.

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